The Academy is presently offering courses approved by DG Shipping, Govt. of India & AMSA, Australia. The courses are of two different categories:
Pre-Sea Training and the STCW Modular Courses.  The details of the various courses conducted by this academy are as mentioned below:

(A) Diploma in Nautical Science leading to B.Sc Nautical Science (In collaboration with IMU)*

Name of the Course: Diploma in Nautical Science leading to B.Sc Nautical Science (In collaboration with IMU)
Duration of Course: 12 months
Course Capacity: 80

(B) Pre-Sea Training for General Purpose Ratings

Name of the Course: Pre-Sea Training for General Purpose Ratings

Duration of Course:

6 months (25 weeks)

Course Capacity:


(C) AUSTRALIAN DECK CADETS COURSE (Approved by AMSA, Govt. of Australia)

Name of the Course: Australian Deck Watch Keepers (DWK) Certificate of Competency Leading to Diploma in Applied Science (In collaboration with AMC, Tasmania, Australia)
Duration of Course: Phase 1 - 3 Months Pre-Sea Training at CAAMN, Hyderabad  
Phase 2 - 18 Months On-board Training,
Phase 3 – 8 Months Post Sea Study at AMC, Tasmania
Course Capacity: 24



Name of the Course: Pre-Sea Training for DECK/ENGINE Watch Rating
Duration of Course: 3 Months
Course Capacity: 24



These courses are mandatory for every seafarer. Certificates have to be renewed on expiry.

Name of the Course Duration
Personal Survival Techniques 3 Days
Personal Safety and Social Responsibility 3 Days
Elementary First Aid 3 Days
Refresher Course in Personal Survival Techniques 2 Hours
Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties 1.5Days
Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting* 3 Days
Passenger Ship Familiarization* 3 Days
Oil Tanker Familiarization* 5 Days
Chemical Tanker Familiarization* 5 Days
Gas Tanker Familiarization* 5 Days
Medical First Aid* 4 Days

Name of Course Durtation
Maritime English 2 Days
ISPS Code Awareness 2 Days
Helicopter Underwater Escape Training 1 day
Hydrogen Sulfide Safety for Oil Industry   1 day
Offshore Crane Handling and Safety 1 day
Oil Rig Familiarisation  1 day
Seamanship Techniques 3 Days
  CAAMN provides Customized Courses made to the specifications of the clients on request.  
  *Awaiting Approval by DG Shipping. To commence shortly.  
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